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Olympic schedule

I worked on this project for Information design design in RIT Fall 2021. While getting advised from Anne I manged to finish this in three weeks.I used Figma during this prject.

The work includes researching, developing storyboards and user journey frameworks, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design, as well as pitching and presenting design solutions to the class.



To help users enjoy their expriance in Olampic schdule, I designed a convenient and flexible Schdule  product that offers an enjoyable expriance to ease the amouny of infomation is been hand it to a user

The experience offers user to find thier faavorite games, where it will be played, time, and results, depending on the want to check. From homes users will see time of games and share it with friends 

my aim was to architect and shape the end-to-end experience make joyful.

Open the app       go to schedule       find your sport       find your match       see result 

Challenge & goal

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics held from July 23 to August 8, 2021, featured 33 different sports, while the Tokyo Paralympics featured 22 sports. Newly added sports for the 2020 Summer Olympics competition included karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, and surfing. 

What if a schedule experience was designed around people's needs? Could that experience offer a more joyfull solution to people ?

I wanted to create a new schedule experience designed around people's needs to provide the convenience and freedom of seeing a schedule.

Exploring Opportunities

How might we?

1- Clearly differentiate sports types.
2- Make discovery effortless.
3- Make finding games flexible
4- Create an end-to-end experience that delights users and earns userstrust.

Guiding Principles

I had 3 guiding principles that I developed through the user insights. The product had to be:


I wanted to guide users throughout the entire journey through clarity to ensure that users understand:

1. Users can check diffrent games in an easy way. by swipping btween diffrent games that are in the same time, and sport 


When I was searching for Olympic schedule that excit I found out t that Flexibelity is a missing in most of them. To make sure I was designing around flexibility, I dove deeper into user needs and user scenarios.


Since the product aims to offer users the freedom of having finding thier loved sports time, it meant that using the product has to be more convenient than checking on time.



the app

Discover & find your Matche

By swiping through the colored cards, users can get discover diffrents gmaes that is available with specific information such as the teams, and where it will be played. Users can also find more about the game suach as the result if it was played when they click on the card. The goal of the Flexible view was to make discovering and finding a game use and fun to use. 

see final result 

For big fan, users can see result of match - who is the winner, how much, and players name - that played in this game.


Select your sport or user the search bar to find it.


find your teams, little colored cards indicate other gamse in the same time is playing 


into details find the match numbers by clicking on the card

enjoy the experience,and do not miss your game

Thank you

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